PetDesensitizer iOS App


Many dogs are sensitive to certain loud noises such as Thunder or fireworks. Following advise of our dog trainer (Noble Canine, link below) getting the dog used to such noise in a controlled manner slowly and on regular basis can make a difference.

Noise will be mixed with soothing music and your treats will provide encouragement.

Please take the time to read the following really well done article on dog noise desensitisation that inspired this app:

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How to use

Tool is to be used over several also regular sessions over a number of days / weeks.

Select a noise that your dog is known to be uncomfortable with from the drop down.

Adjust noise volume to low initially, by moving top slider to the left side.

Initially set soothing to high and press play.

Slowly adjust noise volume up by moving top slider to right until you see slight reaction by your dog.

Keep it there or move slightly lower and use encouragement or treats to make dog comfortable.

Over several sessions, slowly move noise volume up and soothing volume down.

Hope this helps your dog in getting comfortable with the sound.

Support FAQ

App should be quite self explanatory.

I plan to add function to record or upload other sounds in future version. Trust though that the current sounds should already be of use

You can contact me on